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Theory of Types/Dream-work: Work in Progress PhD Seminar 12 March

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on March 9, 2012

The drawings of Italian architect Aldo Rossi condense critical reflections on his own projects with studies of his architectural and everyday references, in a dense combination of lines and images. His buildings are a complex mixture of building typologies, and historical critique. Rossi’s writings are a similar hybrid of visual/textual references and reflections. Aldo Rossi’s drawings, buildings and writings are the result of an analogical thinking process. The aim of this PhD is to articulate a more precise way of understanding the deeply enigmatic processes of Aldo Rossi’s analogical thinking and practice.

This seminar presents current work in progress. It will first outline the scope of the PhD and then focus discussion on Rossi’s Theory of Types via Freud’s Dream-work.


The City That Thinks; A Walk on the Digital Sublime

Posted in Discourse by Cameron McEwan on November 2, 2011

Two views of the Exhibition “City That Thinks” by Paul Guzzardo, a media artist and attorney based in St. Louis and Buenos Aires.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art until November 11


To walk on the digital sublime  click here


Degree Show Work in Progress

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on May 29, 2011

McEwan, C (2011) Degree Show Work in Progress

Inquiry; “Process” published

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on March 28, 2011

The first issue of Inquiry has been published. Titled “Process” it is available online at and

Contributors include Alex Pearson, Aidan Williams and Cameron McEwan.


Inquiry Edited by Cameron McEwan Theme Process March 2011 Front Cover

A conceit to critique the city as an artefact: analysis of Dark City

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on August 4, 2010
The vertical-axis contains strategies: time, origin, scale, form; the horizontal-axis reads with domains: physical, tacit, narrative.”]

PhD: Works in Progress Exhibition; views

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on May 23, 2010

Model view with presentation in background

Exhibition view with A. Pearson (left) & A. Williams (right) presentations in background

Exhibition view with D. Pearson (left) & C. McEwan (right) presentations

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