Architecture of Analogy

Royal Glasgow Institute Architectural Drawing Competition

Posted in Discourse, PhD by Cameron McEwan on January 28, 2011

McEwan, C. (2010-11) RGI Expo view of drawings

The Dissolution of Scale (2010) study drawings were entered into this drawing competition which runs until February 4th at the RGI Gallery on Douglas Street, Glasgow. On sale for £870 the pair… bargain!

The Analogical Framework

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on January 28, 2011

”]Montage showing the simultaneous relationship of analogical thinking and analogicalform; the city as a tacit and physical presence; theory and design. The Analogical City of architect Aldo Rossi is conceptually situated within this.


Study for Analogical Thought

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on October 23, 2010

Argument for Analogy: a poster presentation prepared for a Research Summer School in Aberdeen

Posted in PhD by Cameron McEwan on September 9, 2010

Analogy is concerned with making correspondences between unlike things; and in doing so liberates the mind, providing a framework to establish measurable connections from a tacit presence. The aim of this design-led PhD is to develop analogy as a critical and creative urban design and research method, in order to advance an approach that has hitherto not been fully elaborated.

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