Architecture of Analogy

The Architecture of Analogy

The Architecture of Analogy is the title of my recently completed PhD thesis (May 2014), the development of which is recorded in this Blog. My thesis put forward conceptual frameworks to inquire into and update the following theoretical categories of Aldo Rossi’s architectural production: the city as an artefact, the idea of type, architectural autonomy, history understood as collective imagination, and the concept of the analogical city. On one hand, the inquiry puts forward a close reading of particular aspects of Rossi’s formal and theoretical production, examining Rossi’s work as well as other commentators on Rossi’s work. On the other, the inquiry is supported by a selective reading of major figures as well as canonical theories and projects from the discipline of architecture. The purpose in revisiting Rossi is to re-engage with architecture as a discipline with its own body of knowledge and re-learn how architecture negotiates its formal condition and its social role.

Cameron McEwan May 2014

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  1. June Mcewan said, on December 27, 2012 at 11:25

    Loving the link with Velasquez

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